My name is Caroline North.

Iā€™m an Australian artist with an American accent.

I have lived in Australia all my life and grown up with various cartoons. I love colorful and energetic animations, and aim to produce high quality animations to match.

I am a diligent labourer who is laid back but productive. I live life in the moment, which makes me flexible and able to respond to situations quickly. I am a good ear to friends who need someone to listen to them. Often I find myself in solitude, resigned to my own thoughts. I enjoy discussing my thoughts to friends and family. I am, finally, a student at heart; constantly learning and discovering new work methods or debate topics to try on my own and with friends.

I grew up a homeschool student and went on to study at AIT Sydney campus for 3 years. I studied many things while there, including game design and audio design. The latter has greatly assisted me when adding sound to my animations.

I am an avid gamer, and enjoy 2D games. I have been focusing on looping animations so that I could be an asset is I ever became part of creating a 2D game.